Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Paul McCartney At the Bridgestone Arena

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Apple Records Has A Website


Paul McCartney At The White House Tonight On PBS

Paul McCartney has played live on the current Up and Coming Tour and on past tours, but even he is humbled by the surroundings during "Paul McCartney: The Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song In Performance at the White House." (Yes, that's the full title.)
The show will premiere on PBS July 28 and be shown at various times around the country. (Check local listings to confirm the exact time.)
For the show, McCartney brought along his whole band: Rusty Anderson and Brian Ray on guitars, Paul "Wix" Wickens on keyboards and Abe Laboriel Jr. on drums. Sir Paul is clearly 
awestruck, grinning very warmly throughout the evening.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Paul McCartney At The Sprint Center

Review | Paul McCartney at the Sprint Center

 Paul McCartney performed at the Sprint Center on Saturday evening, July 24, 2010 in Kansas City.
GARVEY SCOTT/Kansas City Star
Paul McCartney performed at the Sprint Center on Saturday evening, July 24, 2010 in Kansas City.
When tickets went on sale for Paul McCartney's first show in Kansas City in more then 17 years, the ticket prices — as high as $250 — made even some hard-core Beatles fans mutter and stew. Saturday night during his show at the Sprint Center, McCartney took some of the sting out of that sticker shock with some impressive numbers of his own.
The show lasted about 12 minutes shy of three hours. The setlist comprised more than three dozen songs and touched many phases of his Beatles, Wings and solo careers. McCartney, who turned 68 in June, sang every one of those songs in a voice that started off strong and did not falter all night.
He left the stage only briefly before each encore. He also played an array of instruments — bass, guitar (lead and rhythm), ukulele, mandolin, piano — and acted like a cheerleader, master of ceremonies and earnest curator of the music that made him a legend.
Of the 15,000-plus who attended this show, most, I'm assuming, will put it down as one of their favorite shows ever, and not because they're rationalizing the ticket price. It was one of those shows — certainly the year's best, certainly among the best ever at the Sprint Center and probably among anyone's shows of a lifetime. Expectations were high coming in; he exceeded them.
He opened with some classic Wings, "Venus and Mars/Rock Show" and then "Jet," from the "Band on the Run" album. Then came "All My Loving," the first of 23 Beatles songs. For the first third of the show, he shuffled them among his post-Beatle catalog, songs like "Highway" from his "Fireman" album and "Let Me Roll It," which he appended with "Foxy Lady" as a tribute to Jimi Hendrix.
McCartney was all-business most of the night, but he sprinkled some light chit-chat and anecdotes into his performance. He talked about Hendrix performing live "Sgt.Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" only days after the album had been released. He told the crowd he played "Paperback Writer" with the same guitar he used to record it, an Epiphone Casino. He kept saying how glad he was to be in Kansas (he was pardoned for that), but he also grunted a few lines of "Kansas City," the one from the musical "Oklahoma!"
He did not acknowledge Ringo Starr but he paid tribute to the Beatles who have passed on, first with "Here Today," a hymn for John Lennon. A few songs later, for George Harrison, he played a version of "Something" that started off as a jaunty ukelele number (Harrison was a master of the uke, he said), that turned quickly into something heavier and more like the original. All the while, black-and-white images of Harrison appeared on the video screen behind McCartney and the band. Later, he would end "A Day In The Life" with several choruses of "Give Peace a Chance."
He brought a four-piece band that added lots of bright, clean harmonies and played the best-known parts of the best-known songs close to the ways everyone knows them. The video screens showed mostly stage and crowd shots. During "Blackbird," the main screen shows an image of a tree in white silhouette, and a moon descended from above. During "Live and Let Die," flashpots and fireworks detonated from the foot of the stage. The show, which plateaued a bit during the first hour, picked up considerable steam in the second, starting with "My Love," then a version of "I've Just Seen a Face" that had some Buck Owens flavor. When the crowd gave that one a big ovation, McCartney dubbed this "cowboy country."
He would toss in a couple recent numbers, like the frothy ditty "Dance Tonight," and then another "Fireman" song, the joyous "Sing the Changes," in which he proved he can out-anthem Springsteen andBon Jovi combined.
The show took off from there, to another level of energy and connection between him, his band and the crowd. The mood was infectious. When he sang "Lady Madonna" and then "Get Back" during the first encore, a couple of KCMO police officers watching from the back of the lower level smiled and bobbed their heads gently.
It wasn't just the fail-proof pure-gold set list, songs that carry so much sentiment and so many memories — including the dazzling performance of "Paperback Writer." It was the energy coming off the stage, most of it from a guy who seemed to be getting as much joy and satisfaction out of the night as everyone else. His stamina was astounding. So was his ability to change gears, dramatically and seamlessly. Like going from the warm and honeyed version of "Yesterday" to the primal screaming of "Helter Skelter." Or from "Let It Be" to "Live and Let Die" and then "Hey Jude," which ignited the loudest sing-along of the night.
He ended the evening with the reprise version of "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" — "we're sorry but it's time to go" — then "The End" from "Abbey Road," which includes one of his most famous lyrics, the one about getting as much love out of life as you put into io it. It was the perfect close to a show that will be enshrined by most who saw it and were stirred into a deep and warm sentimental state. In the end, maybe money can't buy you love, but it can sure buy you three unforgettable hours of nostalgia and joy.
Setlist: Venus and Mars/Rock Show; Jet; All My Loving; Letting Go; Drive My Car; Highway; Let Me Roll It/Foxy Lady; The Long and Winding Road; Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five; Let 'Em In; My Love; I've Just Seen A Face; And I Love Her; Blackbird; Here Today; Dance Tonight; Mrs. Vanderbilt; Eleanor Rigby; Something; Sing the Changes; Band on the Run; Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da; Back in the USSR; I Got A Feeling; Paperback Writer; A Day In The Life/Give Peace A Chance; Let It Be; Live and Let Die; Hey Jude.
Encores: Day Tripper; Lady Madonna; Get Back; Yesterday, Helter Skelter, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (reprise)/The End.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Paul and Nancy Go Shopping

He's set a few trends in his time, but we're not sure this one will catch on.
Paul McCartney was spotted playfully modelling a spaghetti-strap dress in the Hamptons while on holiday.
Stopping by an outdoor clothing stall with Nancy Shevell, 50, Sir Paul, 68, jokingly stood behind the floral number to try out the look.
Dressed up: Sir Paul McCartney looks pretty as a picture dress shopping in the Hamptons today
Dressed up: Sir Paul McCartney  looked pretty as a picture while shopping in the Hamptons today
Suits you sir? Paul's girlfriend Nancy Shevelle tries his flowery find on for size
Suits you! Paul's girlfriend Nancy Shevell  tried on the flowery number too
His American girlfriend then took a turn, grabbing the pegged-up dress and holding it against her body.
Paul and Nancy started their day in the resort town of Amagansett with an hour-long gym workout.
Then it was time for fun and games as the pair grabbed bicycles and headed out for a spot of curbside shopping.
Clearly enjoying each other's company, the couple wheeled their bicycles side-by-side in perfect sync.
Cruising twosome: Paul and Nancy spent a fun day shopping and strolling around in the Hamptons near New York
Wheel love: The pair spent a fun day shopping and strolling around in the resort town of Amagansett near New York
Dressed in summery head-to-toe white, with cargo shorts, T-shirt and trainers, Paul looked relaxed and happy. Nancy was also dressed for comfort in a T-shirt and black stretchy trousers. She added a stylish hat and oversize sunglasses to her look.

Seal of approval: Fashion designer daughter, Stella McCartney

The pair first met over 20 years ago on a family holiday, but they made headlines in 2007 when they were spotted together in the Hamptons several times in the same weekend. Businesswoman Nancy was still married to lawyer Bruce Blakeman at the time.
The musician's designer daughter Stella, 38, had a rocky relationship with previous wife Heather Mills. But Nancy has the family seal of approval and even former Beatle bandmate Ringo Starr approves.
'Paul is deliriously happy with Nancy and decided she was the woman he wanted to make his third wife,' a friend said.
'They clicked from the moment they first met eyes. She is the complete opposite to Heather Mills and is only interested in Paul the person, not Paul the Beatle.'
It seems Paul is equally delighted with his companion. When he took her to the Golden Globes earlier this year, engagement rumours swirled.
Maybe Sir Paul will let Stella design his wedding outfit.

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Friday, July 23, 2010

House Of Blues In New Orleans Celebrates The Beatles Tonight

The 2010 New Orleans Beatles Festival takes place at 8 p.m. tonight (July 23) at the House Of Blues, 225 Decatur St., New Orleans.
The lineup includes The Topcats, Chuck Credo IV, Beatin' Path, Jim Lockwood, Jimmy Robinson, The Morning Life, Rockin' Dopsie Jr., The Bucktown Allstars Horn Section, former Wings horn section player Thaddeus Richard and others.
Tickets are available online at Ticketmaster, the House of Blues site or any House Of Blues box office. The New Orleans House of Blues phone number is (504) 310-4999.

Source: Beatles Examiner

Up And Coming Tour - What Do You Think?

We want your reviews and pictures! We've seen the great reviews on the press but now it's your turn to let us know what you think of the "Up and Coming Tour".  We want you to send in your own concert reviews and photographs from any of the shows you have been to, or from any of the shows you are planning to go to.  We'll sift through you entries and post some of the best quotes and pictures you send in.  The "Up and coming Tour" wants to support up and coming writers, so now here's your chance.
(please keep the total email size under 3mb)
For information on sending in material to us, please refer to the terms and conditions section; YOUR CONCERNS AND SENDING US MATERIAL.
The latest issue of Maccazine (Volume 38, issue 2) is part two of reports on the 2009 "Good Evening Europe" tour, with pictures and information on setlists and bootleg releases and an interview with Paul McCartney contained in its 58 pages. The cover pictures are in color with the inside info all in black and white.
The professional looking magazine, based in the Netherlands, costs 18 euros a year in the Netherlands, 20 euros in Europe and 25 euros outside Europe.
More information:

New painting captures McCartney and Lennon

Eric Cash's "Summer Tour '66"
Eric Cash's "Summer Tour '66"
Eric Cash
Eric Cash, whose portrait "The Introduction" features a representation of the moment when Paul McCartney and John Lennon first met and is displayed in the room in St. Peter's Church in Liverpool where it actually took place, has unveiled another new Beatles portrait called "Summer Tour '66."
 "It depicts John and Paul on vocals together, during their shortened and final tour. Through all the madness the Beatles endured on that tour, they still acted as professionals and delivered the goods," he wrote in his description of the painting.
"The times John and Paul sang together in harmony, is some of the best moments on any Beatles record, in my humble opinion. When you see them together like this, you are seeing the origins of the group, the two of them playing and singing to each other, like when they were kids in Paul's house after school."

He says the original is oil on canvas in the dimensions 36 x 24. He will be offering reproductions in the original size and also at 28 x 18 on his website
He also says he plans to be at the Fest For Beatles Fans in Chicago in August.

Source: Examiner

Magazine alert : British Beatles Fan Club issue 37 - tours, books and a changing of the guard

The cover of British Beatles Fan Club Magazine issue 37.
British Beatles Fan Club
The cover of British Beatles Fan Club Magazine issue 37.

The latest issue of British Beatles Fan Club magazine, number 27, is titled "Drum and Bass: The Beatles on Tour 2010." Inside is coverage of both Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney's tours in Europe and the U.S. with reviews and pictures.
Also inside is a review of several books including Eric Krasker's "The Beatles: Fact and Fiction, 1960-1962,"  Andy Babiuk's "Beatles Gear" and Kristopher Engelhardt's "The Beatles Deeper Undercover"; an article by David Bedford, author of "Liddypool: The Birthplace of the Beatles,"  examining Ringo's "The Other Side of Liverpool" and a review of the UK "Nowhere Man" DVD.
Editor Pete Nash is stepping down from the editor's chair and Donna Jackson is taking over, at least for the next issue. Thank you, Pete, and congrats to Donna.
You can find more information about the magazine on their website.

Source:  Beatles Examiner

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Secret Beatles Pictures Revealed

NEW YORK (CBS) When Sue Baker was a teenager, she tracked down Paul McCartney's London home. But the singer didn't just give her an autograph - he also jotted down the addressees of the other Beatles. Baker then began visiting the other members of the Fab Four at their respective homes, and the pictures she took are now being revealed and sold at auction next month.
Pictures: New Beatles Pictures Uncovered
Baker's visits took place between 1965 and 1967, she told Britain's Telegraph on Wednesday. Now a 59-year-old grandmother, she said that John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr were always willing to pose for pictures.
"They would always answer the doors and speak with us," she recalled. "I remember John saying that if it weren't for people like me he wouldn't live in such a nice house."
She paid for her weekend trips with money from a paper route, according to the report, and often brought her 5-year-old brother Philip along, who sometimes played with Lennon's son Julian.
Baker also described how she got the stars' address after tracking down McCartney's home using a description of it she read in a Beatles magazine. She then began visiting every weekend, and McCartney would come out and sign things. One day, he offered up his bandmates' addresses unprompted.
"He asked if we visited the others and I said we didn't know where they lived," she said. "So he gave us their addresses and we started to visit them. Ringo and John lived up the road from each other in Weybridge and George lived in Esher."
Baker's pictures are being sold at Cameo Auctioneers in Reading, England, on August 3.
"I just hope someone gets enjoyment out of them," Baker told the Telegraph. "They bring back great memories for me."

Maccablog To Broadcast Paul McCartney's Mexico Concert

On 28th May, Paul McCartney gave his second concert in Mexico City as part of his "UP AND COMING TOUR". This amazing show was broadcasted on giant screens in Mexico City center and on internet through the Coca Cola TV channel.

mbc'TV, for its last night of the season before its come back in September, will broadcast this concert in its entirety with no interruption on Friday 16th July from 8 pm to 7 am the next day (French time).

A rebroadcast will be held on Sunday 18th July 18 at 5 pm (French time)

Do not miss this amazing evening!

We remind you that the UP AND COMING TOUR continues in the U.S. until 19th August.