Thursday, November 26, 2009

Paul McCartney Tours Europe First Time In Five Years

 Tour To Start December 2nd

Paul McCartney is scheduled to begin his first European tour since 2004, kicking it off with a December 2 show in Hamburg. Dates follow in Arnhem, Paris, Cologne, Dublin, with the tour ending in London on December 22, the singer's only UK date of the year.

Paul McCartney's tour begins three weeks after the release of his Good Evening New York City album, which features music from McCartney's three nights of performances in July 2009 at New York's Citi Field (formerly Shea Stadium) site of The Beatles' landmark 1965 concert.
The September releases of The Beatles' digitally remastered albums and The Beatles: Rock Band game have led to a new wave of Beatlemania. The same month, Walt Disney Studios and The Beatles Apple Corps Ltd. announced a deal to remake The Beatles' 1968 animated classic film Yellow Submarine; in early November, director Robert Zemeckis said he hoped to enlist Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr in the project.
In other McCartney news, on November 16 the US Library of Congress announced Paul McCartney as winner of the third Gershwin Prize for Popular Song. On November 19, announced that Paul McCartney would perform on two songs for Starr's upcoming CD release, Y Not, due out January 12, 2010.
European tour dates:
December 2: Hamburg, Color Line Arena
December 3: Berlin, O2 World
December 9: Arnhem, Gelredome
December 10: Paris, Bercy
December 16: Cologne, Koln Arena
December 20: Dublin, The O2
December 22: London, The O2 Arena
For information about where to buy remaining tickets, visit this link on the Paul McCartney website.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dennis Mitchell's "Breakfast With the Beatles" features tracks from new McCartney live album

November 14, 9:31 PMBeatles ExaminerSteve Marinucci

The latest edition of “Dennis Mitchell’s Breakfast With The Beatles,” online beginning early Sunday, will feature a sneak preview of Paul McCartney’s new CD/DVD, “Good Evening New York City” and an interview with author Judith Furedi about her tribute book to John Lennon, “In Their Own Write.” “Dennis Mitchell’s Breakfast With The Beatles” is now heard on dozens of U.S. and Canadian radio stations, in New Zealand, in the U.K. and at the Cavern Club and Hard Day’s Night Hotel in Liverpool. It's also featured on Beatles webcasts on MaccaRadio and Beatles-a-Rama. You can hear the latest show at

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Paul McCartney To Be Awarded The Gershwin Prize

Tops in pop: Gershwin Prize goes to McCartney

Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, November 16, 2009

Paul McCartney played his first U.S. gig with the Beatles in Washington more than four decades ago. Reflecting on that fact at FedEx Field in August, the 67-year-old smiled and told the crowd, "We've got bigger amps now!"
Hopefully he has a bigger mantle, too: Monday, the Library of Congress will announce McCartney as its third recipient of the Gershwin Prize for Popular Song.
McCartney is scheduled to return to Washington and accept the award in spring 2010, but many details are fuzzy. The library has promised an all-star tribute concert featuring the former Beatle, but the all-stars have not yet been named. Neither has a venue. The White House hosted the ceremony earlier this year, but the location of next spring's event is under wraps.
Here's what we do know: Macca rules.
"It's hard to think of another performer and composer who has had a more indelible and transformative effect on popular song and music of several different genres than Paul McCartney," James H. Billington, librarian of Congress, said in a statement.
Billington selected McCartney for the prize, which commemorates brothers George and Ira Gershwin, the iconic songwriting duo whose manuscripts are maintained by the Library of Congress.
"As a great admirer of the Gershwins' songs, I am highly honored to be given the Gershwin Prize by such a great institution as the Library of Congress," McCartney said in a statement.
McCartney will be the third songwriter to receive the honor; Paul Simon received the inaugural award in May 2007 and Stevie Wonder was celebrated in February 2009.
Both artists donated works to the library: Simon offered the original manuscript containing lyrics to his beloved song "Graceland," while Wonder was commissioned to write a sprawling composition called "Sketches of a Life." McCartney's contribution has not yet been confirmed.
The announcement comes when Beatlemania is on the rebound. A digitally remastered version of the band's entire discography was released in September alongside the video game "The Beatles: Rock Band" -- both of which are expected to enjoy a considerable uptick in sales before Christmas.
McCartney is also fresh from an acclaimed summer tour of the United States and is preparing for a similar lap around Europe in December.
Accolades and honors are nothing new for Sir Paul. He was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 1997 and owns so many Grammys, he could use them as doorstops.

The Gershwin Prize will honor McCartney for a lifetime of work that spans from his time with the Beatles to Wings to his solo work today. Born in Liverpool, England, in 1942, McCartney wrote his first song at the age of 14.

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

More On The Beatles 3-hour Radio Special

As said previously This Radio Special was
Written and produced by Beatles historian Kevin Howlett, each of the three 48-minute installments discusses different aspects of their career.

Here are the details in each episode -

Part One: Meet The Beatles!

The interviewees recorded exclusively for this series reveal the impact made upon them by The Beatles’ records from throughout their career. We hear Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys, Tom Petty, film director Cameron Crowe and Ann & Nancy Wilson (of Heart) talking about their first-hand experience of The Beatles’ phenomenal 1964 breakthrough in the United States. Dave Grohl, Mark Ronson and Slash discuss the enduring influence of albums such as Rubber Soul, Revolver and Abbey Road.

Part Two: Ask Me Why

The interviewees focus on the various elements within the group that combined to make The Beatles so musically powerful: their strengths as performers - both instrumentally and vocally - plus the brilliance of John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison as songwriters.

Part Three: The Beatles On The Record

We hear how The Beatles’ music was captured on record with the help of innovative arrangements and adventurous production by George Martin. Some of today’s leading record producers - Peter Asher, Joe Boyd, T-Bone Burnett, Jeff Lynne, Mark Ronson and Rick Rubin - marvel at the dazzling creativity evident in recordings made more than 40 years ago.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Beatles Three Hour Radio Special

"Here, There and Everywhere," a new three-part, three-hour radio special that looks back at the history of the group, will air around the U.S. beginning later this month, FMQB Productions announced Wednesday.

The special, officially sanctioned by Apple Corps, will include new interviews with artists and producers who discuss the influence of The Beatles on their individual careers.

Written and produced by Beatles historian Kevin Howlett, each of the three 48-minute installments discusses different aspects of their career. In part one, "Meet The Beatles!," Brian Wilson, Tom Petty, Cameron Crowe and Ann and Nancy Wilson talk about the Beatles’ 1964 breakthrough in the United States, while Dave Grohl, Mark Ronson and Slash talk about the enduring influence of albums such as "Rubber Soul," "Revolver" and "Abbey Road." In part two, "Ask Me Why," the topic is the Beatles' strengths as performers and the songwriting of John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison. Part three, "The Beatles On The Record," looks at the technical aspects of Beatles recordings with comments from Peter Asher, Jeff Lynne, Mark Ronson, Rick Rubin and Joe Boyd.

The series will be available for stations to run between Nov. 27 and Jan. 3, 2010.

Source - Beatles Examiner

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Beatles On Record: A History Channel Special

In 1962, an unknown group from Liverpool entered Abbey Road Studios to record their debut single. During the next eight years they created what is arguably regarded as the greatest collection of studio recordings of the 20th century. This special charts The Beatles' extraordinary journey in the studio from "Please Please Me" to "Abbey Road" and reflects on how they developed as musicians, matured as songwriters and created a body of work that sounds as fresh in 2009 as the time it was recorded. Narrated entirely by John, Paul, George, Ringo and Sir George Martin, the documentary features over 60 classic songs, rare footage and photos from The Beatles' archives and never heard before out-takes of studio chat from the "Abbey Road" recording sessions.

On The History Channel -

Wednesday November 10, 2009

Rating: TVPG

Running Time: 60 minutes

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Macca: The Beatles weren't that good

SIR PAUL McCARTNEY admits THE BEATLES weren't much cop when they first formed.

Realising they sounded average at best, Macca wasn't surprised in 1962 when record label Decca refused to sign the band - who went on to become the biggest of all time.

In an interview with Xfm's IAN CAMFIELD, he said: "We obviously weren't that good. We were formulating it all.

"You wouldn't have thought we were that great. You'd have turned us down if you were a record company. And they did - Decca turned us down!"

Soon after Decca snubbed the Fab Four, producer GEORGE MARTIN signed them to EMI's Parlophone label and the band - prior to sticksman RINGO STARR's arrival - went on to play a 48-night residency in a Hamburg, Germany, club.

It was during this formative era that they honed their sound and learned the art of wowing crowds.

Macca said: "When we first went to Hamburg, and there'd be no-one in the club.

The Beatles in 1962 - John Lennon, George Harrison, Paul McCartney and Pete Best who was the original drummer, later replaced by Ringo Starr
Hardly the Best ... The Beatles circa 1962 with drummer Pete Best

"You'd see a couple of students, maybe a guy and his girlfriend, and they'd look in a bit tentatively, look up at the price of the beer, see it was too much and start walking out.

"So we'd go, 'Come on, everybody, get back in here! It's all happening!'

"So we'd learned to attract an audience. After a few weeks, we'd be really packing those clubs.

"It taught us that game of how to win over an audience.

"We learned loads of songs, so by the time we got back to England, we had quite a big repertoire."

Having played packed stadiums in The Beatles, WINGS and as a solo artist since the 60s, Macca says nothing beats the adrenaline rush of playing in a little pub.

So much so, he's often tempted to bash out a few songs down the local boozer when he's on a break.

"I've never felt bored, I've never felt like staying at home," he added.

"I always said, if I wasn't allowed to do it, it'd be my hobby.

"I'd show up at some pub, saying, S'cuse me, can I play? I'd love to do that.

"Those are some of my happiest memories, being there among a group of people and having someone buy you a beer."

You can listen to the entire interview on Ian Camfield's Xfm Breakfast Show, week beginning November 16

Friday, November 6, 2009

Robert Zemeckis Would Like Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney to Be Part of Yellow Submarine Remake

November 6, 2009 10:57 a.m. by Andrew Winistorfer

Hollywood's quest to ruin every okay older movie has caught up with Beatles nostalgia, as Robert Zemeckis, the guy behind that awful looking A Christmas Carol and other awful-looking movies, has announced plans to remake Yellow Submarine, an animated movie The Beatles didn't even lend their voices to. Zemeckis would like to change that last bit, saying he'd like Ringo and Paul to be involved:

"We haven't gotten the word yet on the two surviving Beatles, whether they're interested in doing it or not," the director, producer and screenwriter told MTV.
"The Beatles have always been a great source of inspiration for me. I think it's a perfect example of a movie that can be re-envisioned in the digital cinema and be absolutely beyond spectacular. I call it, 'Yellow Submarine: The Digital Trip!'"

I'm not sure why the remaining Beatles would want to hook up with the director of Polar Express to make another movie that proves the existence of the Uncanny Valley, but hey, they did put out a videogame this year, and no one thought that would happen. [Spinner]
Posted in: THE BEATLES

George Harrison Beatles Song Completed After 40 Years

Source - Liverpool Daily News

Wirral England singer/songwriter Dean Johnston has been asked to finish the lyrics to what would have been an unfinished George Harrison Song. The first 10 lines of the song written by George, at the Height of The Beatles Career. The lyrics were submitted when Hunter Davies who wrote The Beatles Biography in The 60's asked each of The Beatles for samples of their handwriting. Davies never used them, tossed them aside and, were eventually forgotten. BBC Radio Merseyside's Spencer Leigh thought that perhaps a songwriter of today, could finish the song. Someone like Dean Johnston.

“Spencer called me out of the blue and left a message saying he had an interesting proposition for me,” explained Dean, from Oxton.
“I called him back and when he said he would like me to work on George’s unfinished song I found it unbelievable, tremendously exciting and above all a complete honour.

“My brief was to follow George’s sentiment through to its conclusion. The words were both brutally honest and compassionate and Harrison was obviously writing from the heart.

“I just tried by my best ability to get into the mind of someone in George’s position and I am so pleased that most people who have heard it, think I achieved a credible continuity with the original lyrics.”

The original lyrics had been written by George when and given to Davies when he asked and, then tossed aside as just a piece of paper on The Abbey Road Studio Floor. Where it might have been thrown out by the cleaners, if Spencer had not picked it up.

After taking a second look at the piece of paper he had saved from the dust bin, He realized something remarkable. The lyrics seemed very personal And, first thought to be of a love unrealized. But, now in hindsight they seem to refer to Harrison's uncomfortable relationship with John Lennon.

On the reverse side of the lyrics are instructions on how to reach Beatles manager Brian Epstein’s country house in Sussex, written in Epstein’s hand.

It now resides in The British Library's Beatles Collection, with other items loaned by Davies. Who, will donate everything to the library after his death.

Hunter Davies biography, The Beatles will be republished this month including, George Harrison's forgotten lyrics.

The finished song is called, Silence (is it's own reply) and was performed live during an interview with Hunter Davies on Spencer Leigh's "On the Beat" program.

Silence (is its own reply)

I'm happy to say that it's only a dream
When I come across people like you,
It's only a dream and you make it obscene
With the things that you think and you do.
You're so unaware of the pain that I bear
And jealous for what you can't do.
There's times when I feel that you haven't a hope
But I also know that isn't true.
Every time I ask you why
Silence is its own reply

It’s so hard to prove what I can do
Compared to someone like you
You make it look easy but you still tease me
When you have got nothing better to do
When the tears are falling and its dawning
The truth will ring out so clear
That no-one’s above you and nobody can love you
Until all that pain disappears

Every time I ask you why
Silence is its own reply

By the time we have talked it over
It’s time to say goodbye

Beatles Poised To Be Biggest Record Seller Of The Decade

News came out about 6 months ago that The Beatles are one of The Top 20 Current Best Selling Recording Artists Since 2000.
Now, if you had said The Beatles Are The Biggest Record Selling Group, Of Any Group, Of Any Genre, Of All Time That, wouldn't surprise me as much Because, it's true. The Beatles have sold well over a Billion Records, Tapes and Cd's since The 1960's. And, according to Wikipedia, The Beatles had sold 545 Million Records by 1972. And, now into modern times they have gone well over the billion mark.
But, that they are now At The Brink of Becoming The Biggest Record Selling Group Of Any Group, Of Any Genre, Of The Decade, That's Amazing! Especially, when you consider That they broke up nearly 40 years ago. And, with all the artists today to compete with, It's still amazing. And, a defunct group at that. But, of course The Beatles aren't just any ordinary singing group. They completely dominated The 1960's Music Scene and changed the music industry completely, And, changed the way we listen to music. Which is still felt today. And, as solo Artists they continued to make records and news right into The 1970's. Then, came the release of The Red Album 1962-1966 and, The Blue Album 1967-1970 Released in 1973. Which opened the door (because of the quality of sound on those 2 double albums) for better sounding products to come, and including, The Twentieth Anniversary Edition of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band in 1987, As well as, The Yellow Submarine Songtrack in 1999. Again, these Two releases had some Great Remastering. And of course, The Anthology CDs. Which now leads us right up to The Remasters Of 2009. And now they are one of The Top 20 Current Best Selling Acts since 2000. At this point, The Beatles are only second to Marshall Mathers, (Better known as Eminem), since 2000. As you will see below, Eminem has Sold Nearly 32 Million Albums and, The Four Moptops have Sold Nearly 28 Million Albums all since 2000. The Beatles Anthology Project made them The 5th Biggest Album Selling Act of The 1990's. Plus their Biggest Selling Hits Album "1" which went number 1 around the world Selling 32 million albums making it one of The Best Selling Greatest Hits Albums second, only to The Greatest Hits Album by The Eagles, which to date has Sold 42 Million copies. And now, it looks like The Beatles are poised to be The Biggest Selling Act of The 2000's. So, with the Beatles Remasters In full selling mode and, another push in november, it's looking great for the Fab Four. Or, should I say it's looking FAB! According to Rollingstone's Rock and Roll Daily, Music @ Yahoo, Consequence Of Sound, USA Today's Prefix Magazine to name a few, They are mighty close. And, unless Mr. Mathers comes up with something mind-blowing between now and the end of December, The Beatles look unbeatable. (unbeatleable?) So far, The Top 20 List according to Yahoo's Music Blogger, Bob Grein Of Chart Watch, Dated: May 29, 2009 (by way of soundscan) is as follows:
1. Eminem, 31,127,000
2. The Beatles, 27,591,000
3. Tim McGraw, 24,295,000
4. Toby Keith, 24,189,000
5. Britney Spears, 22,937,000
6. Kenny Chesney, 21,396,000
7. Nelly, 21,206,000
8. Linkin Park, 21,125,000
9. Creed, 20,398,000
10. Jay-Z, 19,379,000
11. Nickelback, 19,158,000
12. Josh Groban, 19,115,000
13. Rascal Flatts, 18,831,000
14. Metallica, 18,490,000
15. Alan Jackson, 18,479,000
16. *NSYNC, 18,402,000
17. Dixie Chicks, 18,293,000
18. Johnny Cash, 17,860,000
19. Kid Rock, 17,606,000
20. Celine Dion, 17,579,000.

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New Paul McCartney Song

Source - Los Angeles Examiner

New Paul McCartney Song

Everybody's Fine is a New Film Starring Robert Deniro to be released on December 4th by Miramax Films Nationwide. The film also stars, Drew Barrymore, Kate Beckinsale and Sam Rockwell. The story written and directed by Kirk Jones (Waking Ned Devine) is about a widower who's grown kids cancel Christmas visits with him. So, dad sets out to pay them all a visit of his own. But, exciting news for McCartney Fans, Paul McCartney has a Brand New Song he has written especially for the film. The song is called, (I Want To) Come Home.

The song, "(I Want To) Come Home," was written the night after he attended an early screening of the film. He felt a deep connection to the material and began writing the song that night, according to a statement issued Wednesday.

The song is a ballad that features Paul McCartney with a small backup group that includes a piano, a cello or violin, guitar and horns. It isn't overly orchestrated and Paul sings it with barely any overdubbing. It features introspective lyrics about facing life's challenges.

The chorus concludes, "It's been too long, now I want to come home."

And according to Los Angeles', McCartney collaborated with composer "Dario Marianelli" (who handles the theme music for the picture) on the orchestrations and created an intimate song. As McCartney himself said, "I could definitely identify with Robert Deniro's character because I have grown-up kids who have their own families."

Check Out This link to hear New Song -
This Site is about Music and Entertainment. There will links to check out music, movies, stars and any thing to do with Music and Entertainment. Things will progress as I move along. And hopefully, you will like what you are seeing and, hearing. All I ask is that we keep language nice. Other wise any and all comments are welcome. So, keep on checking back for news and updates. Thank You - Tony Meade